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2686 Bernville Road

Reading, PA 19605


Open Call Martial Arts & Fitness Center is dedicated to promoting health and safety in Berks County, PA and Beyond.  


Open Call is home to the Okinawan Martial Arts Academy, teaching traditional karate to all ages from 3-103.  Our style is RyuKyu Hon Kenpo Kobujitsu, which is an Okinawan hard style of karate that utilizes practical methods of self-defense.  We have an extensive history in the martial arts and we are dedicated to keeping the teachings of Dai Sensei Seikichi Odo in tact and propagated.  As our name implies, we are also dedicated to creating a training environment that is open to all martial artists and non-martial artists, any style, school, or background.  Our intention is to enhance and expand upon martial artists' training and skills.  This is a place where members can get a great workout and enjoy an open atmosphere of learning and collaboration.
We also offer group fitness classes to the community.  We are highly active  in fundraisers, benefits, and educating the public on health and safety.  stop in and try one of our yoga , pound or kickboxing classes.
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