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Open Call Fitness Ltd was established in May 2012 in an attempt to create an environment where all martial artists are welcome to come and work out and collaborate.  We also wanted to provide fitness and self-defense classes to the people in our region.  We are dedicated to the health, wellness, and safety of our community.  Open Call is a family friendly studio.  

Open Call provides a friendly, positive, and uplifting environment to achieve your goals.   We are martial arts experts.  We offer classes in a traditional and practical Okinawa Kenpo style called RyuKyu Hon Kenpo Kobujutsu.  The karate program is suitable for children and adults alike, ages 3-103.   We also offer self-defense driven programs,  Kenpo Kombat (street based self-defense).  Open Call is also excited to offer professional stunt training as well as fighting for films.  
We are also a group fitness studio offering strengthening and conditioning classes that meet your individual needs, as well as personal training sessions.  We are always evolving to meet the needs of our clients.  If you have suggestions do not hesitate to speak with us.  
WE offer yoga for families , not just women we have classes for guys and kids as well. 
we offer kickboxing programs throughout the week.
we offer pound class a new exercise programs that keep the whole family fit while having fun.
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