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Instructor Bill Pugh leads the martial arts program at OCF.  He is the founder of the Okinawan Martial Arts Academy where he teaches students in the traditional RyuKyu Hon Kenpo Kobujutsu style which originated in Okinawa.  Mr. Bill has dedicated to following the teachings of Grandmaster Seikichi Odo of Okinawa of who he has direct lineage.  He is also the instructor for the stunt and fighting for film series of programs at OCF and is a certified stunt instructor by the Action Film Academy through Master Michael Depasquale, Jr.  He has appeared in dozens of movies and television shows, including Sex in the City, Glass , 17 bridges The benefactor , Jersey Girl, and local film Convergence directed by Joseph Lisa. Mr. Bill is the founder of Kenpo Kombat, a self-defense based combat class that he is pleased to present to the members of Open Call Fitness.  He will be offering certification in this professional program. 

Mr. Bill is also the owner of WP Construction serving the contracting needs of the community for 20 years.  He is the proud father of two little girls, Isabella and Mia.   


Instructor Miss Ashleigh Jefferson is a student of RyuKyu Hon Kenpo Kobujutsu since 1993 and an instructor for the past 15 years. She is happy to teach our youngest students in the Tiny Warriors class, ages 3-5 years old.  Miss Ashleigh is the proud mother of three young sons and a 2 daughters of her own and has a degree in Elementary Education with a focus on special needs in visual impairment.     





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